Excitement Happening

A lot is going on in my life right now, mostly good. I have a confusing surge of positive energy. I am a little bit lost as to what I should do, but at the same time I have set goals and… now I think I finally realize that I need to just go with … Continue reading

Inspiration and Million Dollar Experiment

Sooo… I was recently inspired and motivated to write a blog post. It started yesterday night actually when I was looking at The Secret’s official website. I was playing the memory game where you flip cards and try to match in the shortest amount of moves possible. Basically, the number of tries it take you … Continue reading

Loving and Giving

From now on, I am going to try to be as loving and as giving as possible. I was that way from a very young age. I realize that I have shifted from that and became a person that I truly was not happy with. I learned what true selfishness was and ended up feeling … Continue reading

Gym Memberships

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time browsing for the best deals on gym memberships. Then I realized how much of an absolute waste of time it was. In the end, I concluded that gym memberships are hard to cancel, paying monthly is a waste of time for short-term memberships (but can pay off … Continue reading

Relaxing With Games

So this morning (or well noon-time), I woke up earlier. Yay! Not super early like I would have wanted, but it was definitely earlier by an hour or two, so that is progress and I am quite happy. =) Soooo… I didn’t really eat breakfast. I was playing this game on Facebook and using both … Continue reading

I Will Sleep Now

You know, I have been stressing out wayyy too much and much longer than I should be. I am constantly trying to force myself to be happy instead of naturally just letting my emotions go and relaxing. It’s very hard, but I am trying. I realize now that the reason I am having so much … Continue reading

It Is Late

Right now, it is quite late. I should be sleeping. I just thought that I should use this blog as a way to encourage myself and maintain a high level of happiness and joy. I have been studying more about “the secret” and levels of consciousness. I am expanding out and becoming more open-minded about … Continue reading